Planet of LEGO bricks

Loosely translated title of the event that was held in one of the largest convention centres in Slovenia. It was organised by a Slovenian Lego bricks fan club who also made all of the creations presented at the event.

During the event they also organised different competitions like building towers out of 2-by-4 block and Mindstorms competitions.

Image gallery of the best looking creation:

Sky this month – December 2016

Events this month – December 2016:

5 – Conjunction between the Moon and Mars at 09:20 UT, separation of ~3 degrees.

6 – Conjunction between the Moon and Neptune at 21:40 UT, separation of less than half a degree.

9 – Conjunction between the Moon and Uranus at 21:07 UT, separation of ~3 degrees.

10 – Saturn at solar conjunction. This event is not observable as the Saturn in located directly behind the Sun.

11 – Mercury reaches 21 degrees eastern elongation at 04:00 UT. Favorable positions for the observation of this planet.

12 – Full Moon (aka Super Moon, because of its apparent size)

13/14 – The Geminid meteors peak. ZHR of ~120.

21 – December solstice. The shortest day in this year for the northern hemisphere.

22 – Conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter at 18:14 UT, separation of ~2 degrees.

29 – New Moon.

Recent stellar events:

PNV J18205200-2822100 – quite bright nova in Sagittarius further info about the object.

TCP J18102829-2729590 – quite bright nova in Sagittarius further info about the object.

VIECC 2016

The event was even bigger than the last year. It spanned two large main convention halls and a dedicated conference room where all of the panels were held. In the first room you could find many different shops with memorabilia, weapons, comics and other sci-fi related items. There were also some celebrities that did the signing and photo sessions with their fans, but that is usually way to expensive unless you are huge fan of theirs. The second room featured artist alley where you could meet your favorite artist and buy cheap prints of high quality and awesome art.




Austrian LEGO society also presented their creations made purely out of LEGO blocks.



501st Legion Austrian Garrison also had their own stand where they showed their creations in connection with Star Wars franchise and did some performances like light saber fights, belly dancers etc.


Some of the cosplays seen at the event:




In parallel to this event, the next hall featured an event called SpieleSpass. The idea of this event was for the people to come there and try as many different board games as they liked. The hall was packed with tables were people, mostly families with kids, played all sorts of board games.


Image gallery:


This days (around November 14th 2016) we were able to observe a full Moon that had the largest apparent size in the sky in the last 68 years. It happened on the same day as apogee, the point in the Moon’s orbit when it is closest to the Earth and this is the reason for its apparent size.
SuperMoon November 14th 2016.
SuperMoon November 14 2016.

Light pillar

I was able to observe this phenomena yesterday at Sunset. Here is a photography and a brief description of an event:

An atmospheric optical phenomenon in the form of a vertical band of light which appears to extend above and/or below a light source. The effect is created by the reflection of light from numerous tiny ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere or clouds. The light can come from the Sun (usually when it is near or even below the horizon) in which case the phenomenon is called a sun pillar or solar pillar. (source: Wikipedia)


Nova ASASSN-16ma in Sagittarius

I was able to observe this nova (also designated as PNV J18205200-2822100) that discovered on October 25th in Sagittarius only a degree away from another nova, designated TCP J18102829-2729590, that was discovered on October 20th.

Both objects are very low in the sky from our latitudes and quite hard to observe. Observations has to be done even before the beginning of the astronomical night to catch the object above the horizon.

A picture of the nova position in the sky.