Na meji nevidnega 2014

This was the second (first last year) Slovenian fantasy and science fiction convention held in Ljubljana. Visit was better than last year, around 500 people have attended the convention throughout the day.

One of two convention halls.

Probably the main event of the convention was cosplay masquerade and selection for the best mask. We could see people dressed in masks from different worlds. From characters from the movies and anime to the characters from the pc games and board games. This year the total number of cosplayers has doubled in comparison to last year. Unfortunately there was no slave Leila .

Group photo of all the cosplayers.
Board games shop.

Different science fiction, board game, roleplaying related societies and shops presented their activities. There were sections dedicated to playing Magic the Gathering, board games, building foam weapons, drawing a fantasy characters or just for hanging out.

Section of the hall intended for playing board games.

In Slovenia, number of LARP players is slowly raising. They had their own booth where they were showing weapons that are used in battles and were trying to find new players to join the game.

Various LARP equipment.

Thanks to the organizers for promoting events of that kind. Many more pictures can be found in gallery.

Marshall Lee Bass-Axe

For my first cosplay I selected something that is easy and fast to make. All the pieces were first carved out of thicker (8 cm) insulation foam, thereafter sanded with sandpaper and colored at the end.

Rough shape of the Axe head.
Axe head and handle in final shape and sanded, ready to be glued together. Short plastic rod was used to better link both parts together.

Before painting, the foam has to be coated with protective coating to eliminate damage to the foam done by used paint. I did this using two layers of the wood glue. Other thing can be used as well.

Guitar headstock in the shape of the skull.

For the skull that represents guitar’s headstock I used ball made ​​of Styrofoam. First it was carved out to fit the guitar handle and then painted it with white color. Details are painted in black.

Final product. All the pieces put together and painted.

Guitar strings are made of the rope painted in black.

Sky this month – September 2014

Here is a list of astronomical events for given month. Location dependent events listed here are visible from central Europe.


1 – The Aurigids (AUR) meteor shower peaks at ~07:OO UT, with ZHR around 5. Waxing crescent Moon, setting by late evening, provides ideal skies for observing this northern-hemisphere shower.

5 – Planet Venus passes just half a degree from bright star Regulus in constellation of Leo.

5 – Asteroid (10) Hygiea occults a +11.6 magnitude star at 03:43 UT for 16 s and magnitude drops for 0.9, detailed info.

13 – Asteroid (1306) Scythia occults a +12.5 magnitude star at 20:21 UT for 7 s and magnitude drops for 1.8, detailed info.

16 – Comet C/2013 V5 passes just 0.480 AU from the planet Earth. It should reach the peak magnitude of around 5, but it will be observable very low in the sky.

18 – Full Moon at 01:39 UT.

18 – Occultation of bright star λ Gem (magnitude +3.6) by Moon at ~ 03:30 UT, depending on the location of the observer – detailed info.

20 – Planet Mercury passes just half a degrees south of the bright star Spica at 21:00 UT.

21 – Mercury reaches its greatest elongation of 26.4 degrees east of the Sun shining at magnitude +0.0 in the dawn sky. This is the best time for southern hemisphere observers to observe Mercury this year.

23 – The Southward Equinox occurs at 02:29 UT. Not observable.

24 – New Moon at 06:15 UT.

28 – Comet C/2013 V5 crosses perihelion at a distance of 0.625 AU from the Sun.