Na meji nevidnega 2015

So far the largest fantasy/sci-fi event of this kind in Slovenia, with 1000+ visitors (more than twice as much as last year), was this year held in a much larger sports hall with side rooms where all lectures and open discussions took place.

Event hall from above.

There was also a lot of interesting thing going on at the stalls. Many different memorabilia to spend your money on, talking to a local fantasy and sci-fi clubs and societies, seeing new or ongoing projects related to the topics of an event.

Animé themed shop.
Comics and posters shop.
Promoting local LARP activities.

For the first time there were also Magic: the Gathering competition and a Hearthstone competition.

Hearthstone players.

And for the end, the best part of events like this – Cosplay. Quality and quantity of the people cosplaying is steadily rising with each passing year. There was a large variety of characters taken from comics, mangas, films, TV shows and even from the latest pc games.

Thor, the goddess of thunder + two unknown characters.
Competiton for the best cosplay in various categories.

Many more pictures can be seen in gallery.

Sky this month – October 2015

Here is a list of astronomical events for given month. Location dependent events listed here are visible from central Europe.

October 2015:

12 – Uranus at opposition.

16 – New Moon.

16 – Mercury reaches greatest morning elongation 18° west of the Sun.

17 – Mars passes less than half a degree from Jupiter at 22:00UT.

21 – The Orionids meteors peak with a ZHR of around 15.

25 – Venus passes 1° from Jupiter at 19:00UT.

26 – Venus reaches greatest morning elongation 39° west of the Sun.

27 – Full Moon.

29 – Occulataion of the bright stars (+3.8) θ1 Tau and (+3.4) θ2 Tau with Moon at around 20:00UT. Exact time of the occultation depends on the location of the observer. Additional info

29 – Occulataion of the bright star (+0.9) Aldebaran with Moon at around 23:00UT. Exact time of the occultation depends on the location of the observer. Additional info

PNV J18033275-2816054 or Nova Sgr 2015 No. 3 is a nova discovered on 27 September 2015 in constellation of Sagittarius. More info about observation campaign.