VIECC 2015

On the 21st and 22nd of November 2015 the first edition of Vienna Comic Con premiered at the Messe Wien exhibit hall in Vienna, Austria. The event aims to be the leading pop culture event in Central Europe, so be prepared for larger hall and more people next year. For this year they already managed to bring a handful of moderately famous people from film and TV industry to do the signing, photos sessions and panels. As the main hall was quite smaller than I expected (from my previous trips to other Cons) it was still packed with action and cosplayers.
Main event hall in Messe Wien exhibit hall D.

A great portion of the event hall was dedicated to gaming, especially to the newest Assassin’s creed game.
Assassin’s creed cosplay.

Gaming area

A large area was also dedicated to Star Wars saga and promotion of the exhibition Star Wars Identities that will be held in Vienna in the next few months.
Tie fighter

Can you shoot the Stormtrooper before he misses you.

And some pictures with various content.
T-shirts everywhere.

Marvel heroes cosplay.

Bat family (almost) cosplay.

More pictures can be seen in gallery.

Taurids – November 2015

This year the Taurid swarm of larger meteoroid particles may return as predicted by some mathematical models. This prediction indicates a possibility for an increase in activity of bright meteors (fireballs) from 29. October to 10. November. Meteors observers should be alert to visually/photographically cover the dates of predicted maximum activity. As always, anything can happen, so go out under the dark sky and observe some meteors.

Bright Taurid 1. November 2015 19:14 UT
Taurid 2. November 2015 21:31 UT
Taurid 3. November 2015 21:25 UT
Taurid 3. November 2015 21:50 UT

Sky this month – November 2015

Here is a list of astronomical events for given month. Location dependent events listed here are visible from central Europe.

November 2015:

2 – Venus passes less than a degrees south of Mars at 00:30 UT.

10 – The Southern Taurids meteors peak with a ZHR of around 5. Many bright meteors are expected for this years’ maximum.

12 – The Northern Taurids meteors peak with a ZHR of around 5. Many bright meteors are expected for this years’ maximum.

13 – New Moon.

18 – The Leonids meteors peak with a ZHR of around 20.

25 – Full Moon.

PNV J18225925-1914148 or Nova Sgr 2015 No. 4 is a nova discovered on 31. October 2015 in constellation of Sagittarius. More info about observation campaign.