Makkon 2016

Makkon is an annual event (5th this year) that is organised by a society that works in the field of Japanese pop culture. As it is customary on such events we saw a lot of different cosplays from anime and manga, shops that sell various memorabilia, board games, toys, Japanese sweets, tea, etc. There were also multiple side activities such as lectures, origami and leather-work workshop, cosplay contests and Maide cafe.

Few images from the event:

Planet of LEGO bricks

Loosely translated title of the event that was held in one of the largest convention centres in Slovenia. It was organised by a Slovenian Lego bricks fan club who also made all of the creations presented at the event.

During the event they also organised different competitions like building towers out of 2-by-4 block and Mindstorms competitions.

Image gallery of the best looking creation:

Sky this month – December 2016

Events this month – December 2016:

5 – Conjunction between the Moon and Mars at 09:20 UT, separation of ~3 degrees.

6 – Conjunction between the Moon and Neptune at 21:40 UT, separation of less than half a degree.

9 – Conjunction between the Moon and Uranus at 21:07 UT, separation of ~3 degrees.

10 – Saturn at solar conjunction. This event is not observable as the Saturn in located directly behind the Sun.

11 – Mercury reaches 21 degrees eastern elongation at 04:00 UT. Favorable positions for the observation of this planet.

12 – Full Moon (aka Super Moon, because of its apparent size)

13/14 – The Geminid meteors peak. ZHR of ~120.

21 – December solstice. The shortest day in this year for the northern hemisphere.

22 – Conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter at 18:14 UT, separation of ~2 degrees.

29 – New Moon.

Recent stellar events:

PNV J18205200-2822100 – quite bright nova in Sagittarius further info about the object.

TCP J18102829-2729590 – quite bright nova in Sagittarius further info about the object.