Gaia Sky

A nice program for the visualization of the data gathered by the latest astrometric satellite Gaia that was launched by Esa.

I have contributed to the open source program by translating it into Slovenian language, therefore allowing more people to use this program even if they do not understand the English language.


Sky this month – February 2017

List of events in sky this month – February 2017:

11 – Asteroid Ceres pases about a degree from Moon. Occultation event can be seen on some parts of Earth.

5 – Occultation of bright star Aldebaran by Moon. Central time of the occultation is 21:38 UT.

10 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. The Moon passes through the outer edge of the Earth shadow between 22:34 UT and 02:53 UT.

11 – Full Moon.

11 – Regul pases less than 1 degree from Moon. Occultation event in southern hemisphere.

17 – Venus at brightest.

20 – Asteroid Eunomia in opposition.

22 – Asteroid Metis in opposition.

26 – New Moon.