Talon cosplay – Court of Owls, Batman

For this year’s convention I created another villain from the DC Universe – Talon from the Batman franchise. The character itself is a deadly assassin controlled by the secret organization Court of Owls that is embedded in the most hidden corners of the Gotham City.

Below you can see a gallery with few pictures taken during the costume creation process and final product during the cosplay contest. Costume itself is created from different materials. Natural cotton fabric and leather were used to create the dress, cowl and belt.

Artificial materials (fitness mat, moosgumi, worbla) were used to create armor pieces – body armor, arm and leg bracers. Weapons were carved out from the dense Styrofoam like material and painted with few layers of wood glue (to harden and protect the material) before applying the final color to the weapon.

Sky this month – October 2017

List of events in sky this month – Ocotber 2017:

5 – Full Moon.

16 – Comet C/2017 O1 (ASASSN) at its brightest.

16 – Dwarf planet Eris at opposition.

16 – Planet Uranus at opposition.

19 – New Moon.

21 – Peak of the Orionids meteor shower.

24 – Close conjunction between Moon and planet Saturn, they are separated about 3 degrees.

30 – Asteroid Iris (7) at opposition.