Na meji nevidnega

On Saturday 28. new Slovenian science fiction convention was held in Ljubljana for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised over the participation, as there was, most of the time, present at least 100 people.

Convention hall.

Different science fiction, board game, roleplaying related societies presented their activities. There were a sections dedicated to playing Magic the Gathering, Warhammer and painting Warhammer figures. Of course, event like this needs cosplaying performance. Award for the best costume was won by the Witch King (LotR – Lord of the Nazgul), followed by Morgana (LoL champion) costume with moving wings. As befits sci-fi event we even saw Princess Leila slave costume.

Witch King versus Demon Huntress, playing Warhammer.
Magic section.

During the convention, there were lectures with various topics. Artistic society presented the process of making their Witch King costume. From ideas and design to their actual implementation. There was a discussion about problems of translating personal names in books and maintaining their relevance to the content.

LARP-ing equipment.

Thanks to the organizers for promoting events of that kind.
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Belgrade Star Wars convention

While walking around Belgrade last week I accidentally saw a poster for the Star Wars fan convention. This is their second one, the first was held last year in June. There was no entrance fee and as the saga fan I had to attend it. While my short visit there few people were in customs, but what surprised me the most was the room full of people listening to the lecture about the audio effects in SW. There were also other lectures like cgi, special effects… I went around booths and they were showing some hand made stuff, books, legos, recreations of the movie scenes, other memorabilia.

Movie scenes recreation

Millenium Falcon

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