Iceland – part 2

After that the main ring road leads you toward the Vik city that is surrounded by the largest black sand beach. While walking along the beach you can spot many hexagonal basalt column formations that were formed as the lava was cooling down.

Hexagonal formations along the black beach at Vik.

Iceland is full of mythology and sagas that explain how first people lived there and what they believed in. Alongside the road you can find many boards with inscriptions about the events or disasters that happened there. Two of many places like this are:

Carins at laufskalavarđa.
Mythical Dwarf Cliffs – Dverghamrar.

Following the road ahead you arrive in the vicinity of the Skaftafell National Park. I would strongly recommend that, when there you follow a hiking trail into the mountains when you pass numerous waterfalls and at the end of the trail you can admire a view of the glacier from above.

Black waterfall or Svartifoss.
Panoramic view of Vatnajökull glacier.

The best part of the glacier is still ahead of you. Just around the “corner” along the road awaits a Glacier Lagoon with its different shades of blue. I never realized that the snow and ice can produce such a palette of colours. From white to cyan, colour of almost transparent pieces of ice.

Glacier Lagoon.

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