Sky this month – July 2017

List of events in sky this month – July 2017:

2 – Asteroid 3 Juno in opposition.

3 – Earth in aphelion on its elliptical orbit around the Sun. Farthest point away from it.

9 – Full Moon.

10 – Pluto in opposition.

25 – Occultation of bright star Aldebaran (constellation Taurus) with the Moon.

23 – New Moon.

25 – Daytime occultation of planet Mercury with the Moon.

25 – Daytime occultation of bright star Regulus (constellation Leo) with the Moon.

29 – Peak of the δ–Aquarid meteor shower.

30 – Planet Mercury at greatest elongation east.

30 – First Perseids may be seen.

Supermoon vs minimoon

Angular comparison of super and mini full moon as seen on 14th of November 2016 and 10th of June 2017. Difference is not really observable by naked eye.
Both images were taken with the same equipment (Nikon D500 and Tamron 70-300@300m) at two different times. Composite of both images clearly shows us the change in apparent angular size of the moon that is caused by the difference of its distance from Earth at perigee and apogee. The change in apparent size is caused by the Moon’s elliptic orbit around Earth and it amounts to distance difference of approximately 40,000km between both full moon events.

Sky this month – June 2017

List of events in sky this month – June 2017:

3 – Venus at its greatest west elongation.

5 – Comet C/2015 V2 (Johnson) at its brightest.

9 – Full Moon.

12 – Comet C/2015 V2 (Johnson) at perihelion.

14 – Comet 71P/Clark at its brightest.

15 – Saturn at opposition, best time to observe this planet.

20 – Maximum activity of Ophiuchid meteor shower with ZHR of around 5.

21 – Summer solstice.

24 – New Moon.

MakerFaire Ljubljana 2017

Last week I have attended and helped at the first local Maker Faire event in Ljubljana. This is an event that tries to bring together people or organizations that create things (everything from software and electronics to art and woodwork) in order to promote science, curiosity and knowledge transfer.

In the stands we could meet with the makers from Slovenia and all other neighboring country. Among other things it was apparent that there is a strong motion towards using 3d printers and Arduino platforms as most of the stands showcased a product or idea based on one of them.

The biggest advantage of an event like this for me was a practical aspect of it. There were numerous hands-on activities where you cold try the state-of-the-art equipment, play with different experiments or create your own simple electrical circuit.

Official website of the event:

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