Parsing Bicikelj stations data

Bicikelj is a system for borrowing bikes at the stations all around the city. Currently there are 33 stations, spread in the center of Ljubljana city with the distance of approximately 500 meters between them.To check the number of available bikes at each station you need to go to their official site that shows alt the stations and their data on Google maps. Another possibility is to check them using software that works on Android and Iphone smart phones. The option I was missing is access to the data on a simple html site for older mobile devices or my Kindle device.

Some time ago there was a site like that but the author discontinued its support. The only thing left for me was to make the simple script that reads xml data for every station and displays them together. Links to those xml data are not officially published so you need some knowledge or luck to find them.

The finished site is available here. It is updated every 5 minutes, so it may not be accurate during rush hours with many bike changes. Stations with zero available bikes are colored in pink.

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