Sky this month – August 2014

Here is a list of astronomical events for given month. Location dependent events listed here are visible from central Europe.

AUGUST 2014:

4 – Asteroid (80) Sappho at opposition at 07:00 UT, shining at +9.9 magnitude.

4 – Planet Venus is occulted by the Moon at ~12:00 UT in Australia. detailed info.

7 – Asteroid (16) Psyche at opposition at 04:00 UT, shining at +9.3 magnitude.

13 – Occultation of bright star ρ Sgr (magnitude +3.9) by Moon at ~ 21:16 UT, depending on the location of the observer – detailed info.

10 – Full Super Moon at .

13 – The Perseids (PER) meteor shower peaks at ~ 04:00 Ut, with ZHR around 100+. Unfavorable in 2014, with the 17 day old Moon at waning gibbous

18 – The κ-Cygnids (KCG) meteor shower peaks, with ZHR around 3. Many bright meteors.

18 – A conjunction of Venus and Jupiter occurs at 05:00 UT, the closest conjunction of two naked eye planets in 2014, with the two just 15’ apart.

18 – Comet C/2012 K1 (PANSTARRS) crosses perihelion.

29 – Neptune reaches opposition at 14:00 UT, shining at +7.8 magnitude.

30 – 1. sept – Moon moving eastward between planets Saturn and Mars. Just after the sunset look to the west and see those three bright object form a triangle low above the horizon.

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