Sky this month – December 2014

Here is a list of astronomical events for given month. Location dependent events listed here are visible from central Europe.


1 – The Phoenicids (PHO) meteor shower peak, with variable ZHR. The peak time is forecasted to be between 23:00 UT and 1:00 UT on December 2.

6 – Full Moon at 12:27 UT.

9 – A double shadow transit of Jupiter’s moons occurs from 4:18 to 4:27 UT. At that time Jupiter is very high in the sky in Europe.

14 – The Geminid (GEM) meteor shower peak, with ZHR around 120, peak at 1:00 UT.

20 – The December Leonis Minorids (DLM) meteor shower peak, with ZHR around 5.

22 – New Moon at 01:36 UT.

13 – The Ursuids (URS) meteor shower peak, with ZHR around 10 (can be variable up to 50), peak at 20:00 UT.

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