Sky this month – January 2017

List of events in sky this month – January 2017:

1 – Close approach of Mars and Neptune, they pass within 1 arc-minute of each other.

2 – Close approach of the Moon and Venus, they pass within 2 degrees of each other.

3 – Close approach of the Moon and Mars, they pass within 13 arc-minute of each other.

3 – The Quadrantid Meteor Shower peaks at 14 UT, with ZHR varying between 50 and 200.,

4 – Earth at perihelion, this is the point when Earth reaches its closest point to the Sun.

7 – Pluto at solar conjunction. Not observable as the planet is located behind the Sun.

11 – Mercury reaches its greatest brightness in the dawn sky.

12 – Full Moon.

19 – Mercury at greatest elongation west and is well placed in the dawn sky.

26 – New Moon.

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