Sky this month – May 2014

Here is a list of astronomical events for given month. Location dependent events listed here are visible from central Europe.

MAY 2014:

04 – Occultation of bright star λ Gem (magnitude +3.6) by Moon at ~ 20UT, depending on the location of the observer – more details.

06 – η-Aquariids meteor shower peaks at 7h UT, ZHR predictions up to 55.

10 – Mars reaches opposition for 2014, shining at magnitude +0.1. Saturn’s rings appear much more impressive than in recent years, since they are now tipped by 21.5 ° from edge on.

13 – A double shadow transit of Jupiter’s moons occurs from 9:20-9:32 UT.

14 – Full Moon at 19:16 UT.

15 – A close conjunction of Venus and Uranus occurs, visible in the morning.

15 – Asteroid 9 Metis reaches opposition, shining at magnitude +9.6.

24 – Possible meteor storm due to a debris left behind by a comet known as 209P/LINEAR. Simulations suggest a brief but intense burst of meteors with strongest activity between 7h anb 8h UT. Radiant in constellation Camelopardalis.

25 – Mercury reaches greatest evening evening elongation, 22.7 degrees east of the Sun.

28 – New Moon at 18:40 UT.

31 – Asteroid 15 Eunomia reaches opposition, shining at magnitude +9.5.

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