Sky this month – September 2014

Here is a list of astronomical events for given month. Location dependent events listed here are visible from central Europe.


1 – The Aurigids (AUR) meteor shower peaks at ~07:OO UT, with ZHR around 5. Waxing crescent Moon, setting by late evening, provides ideal skies for observing this northern-hemisphere shower.

5 – Planet Venus passes just half a degree from bright star Regulus in constellation of Leo.

5 – Asteroid (10) Hygiea occults a +11.6 magnitude star at 03:43 UT for 16 s and magnitude drops for 0.9, detailed info.

13 – Asteroid (1306) Scythia occults a +12.5 magnitude star at 20:21 UT for 7 s and magnitude drops for 1.8, detailed info.

16 – Comet C/2013 V5 passes just 0.480 AU from the planet Earth. It should reach the peak magnitude of around 5, but it will be observable very low in the sky.

18 – Full Moon at 01:39 UT.

18 – Occultation of bright star λ Gem (magnitude +3.6) by Moon at ~ 03:30 UT, depending on the location of the observer – detailed info.

20 – Planet Mercury passes just half a degrees south of the bright star Spica at 21:00 UT.

21 – Mercury reaches its greatest elongation of 26.4 degrees east of the Sun shining at magnitude +0.0 in the dawn sky. This is the best time for southern hemisphere observers to observe Mercury this year.

23 – The Southward Equinox occurs at 02:29 UT. Not observable.

24 – New Moon at 06:15 UT.

28 – Comet C/2013 V5 crosses perihelion at a distance of 0.625 AU from the Sun.

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