VIECC 2016

The event was even bigger than the last year. It spanned two large main convention halls and a dedicated conference room where all of the panels were held. In the first room you could find many different shops with memorabilia, weapons, comics and other sci-fi related items. There were also some celebrities that did the signing and photo sessions with their fans, but that is usually way to expensive unless you are huge fan of theirs. The second room featured artist alley where you could meet your favorite artist and buy cheap prints of high quality and awesome art.




Austrian LEGO society also presented their creations made purely out of LEGO blocks.



501st Legion Austrian Garrison also had their own stand where they showed their creations in connection with Star Wars franchise and did some performances like light saber fights, belly dancers etc.


Some of the cosplays seen at the event:




In parallel to this event, the next hall featured an event called SpieleSpass. The idea of this event was for the people to come there and try as many different board games as they liked. The hall was packed with tables were people, mostly families with kids, played all sorts of board games.


Image gallery:

VIECC 2015

On the 21st and 22nd of November 2015 the first edition of Vienna Comic Con premiered at the Messe Wien exhibit hall in Vienna, Austria. The event aims to be the leading pop culture event in Central Europe, so be prepared for larger hall and more people next year. For this year they already managed to bring a handful of moderately famous people from film and TV industry to do the signing, photos sessions and panels. As the main hall was quite smaller than I expected (from my previous trips to other Cons) it was still packed with action and cosplayers.
Main event hall in Messe Wien exhibit hall D.

A great portion of the event hall was dedicated to gaming, especially to the newest Assassin’s creed game.
Assassin’s creed cosplay.

Gaming area

A large area was also dedicated to Star Wars saga and promotion of the exhibition Star Wars Identities that will be held in Vienna in the next few months.
Tie fighter

Can you shoot the Stormtrooper before he misses you.

And some pictures with various content.
T-shirts everywhere.

Marvel heroes cosplay.

Bat family (almost) cosplay.

More pictures can be seen in gallery.

Marshall Lee Bass-Axe

For my first cosplay I selected something that is easy and fast to make. All the pieces were first carved out of thicker (8 cm) insulation foam, thereafter sanded with sandpaper and colored at the end.

Rough shape of the Axe head.
Axe head and handle in final shape and sanded, ready to be glued together. Short plastic rod was used to better link both parts together.

Before painting, the foam has to be coated with protective coating to eliminate damage to the foam done by used paint. I did this using two layers of the wood glue. Other thing can be used as well.

Guitar headstock in the shape of the skull.

For the skull that represents guitar’s headstock I used ball made ​​of Styrofoam. First it was carved out to fit the guitar handle and then painted it with white color. Details are painted in black.

Final product. All the pieces put together and painted.

Guitar strings are made of the rope painted in black.

London Film and Comic Con 2014

This year I decided to visit one of the biggest Comic Cons in Europe, the London Film and Comic Con. Purpose of the visit was not to gather signatures and the photos of movie/comic stars, but the see and experience the event.
Tickets have arrived. Luggage packed. Ready to go.

On preview night in Friday there was entrance queue, halls were calm and you could visited the stalls in peace. Saturday was just the opposite. When I arrived (around 9:30) the queues for both the Early Birds and no tickets were wrapped twice around the exhibition hall. Fortunately I found one that moved were quickly and was inside in less than half an hour. Some with no prepaid tickets were not so lucky and had to wait 5 or more hours just to buy the ticket.
Crowd waiting for entrance to the main event hall in Earls Court 2.

Main hall in Saturday was packed.

In front of the Brompton Hall there were four different Transformer cars (two Bumblebees, Optimus Prime and Barricade) on diplay.
Bumblebee and Optimus Prime in front of the event hall.

Cosplayers were every where. Inside and outside the hall and always happy to pose for the pictures.
X-Men group photo.

Cosplay masquerade.

I visited some of the free talks given by the Star Trek, Star Wars and LoTR cast members. Philip talked about his role of many Orcs, the process of getting in and out of the costume. David (Faramir) described how all the scenes in extended version of the movies were shoot after all the movies were already done and shown in cinema.
LoTR talk with David Wenham and Philip Grieve.

In addition to the Transformer cars, two replicas of Batmobils were on display in Brompton Hall. First from the movie released in 1966, the second (with very dusty surface) from the 1989 movie. Way more photos can be seen in gallery.
Batmobile replica from 1966 Batman movie.

Overall I was pleased with the event (various guests, cosplayers, stalls, free talks, cars on display …), but there were many bad things (overcrowding, bad sound system at super stage, strange queue systems for photo shuts, raffle and programme …) that should be corrected for the next events.

Belgrade Star Wars convention

While walking around Belgrade last week I accidentally saw a poster for the Star Wars fan convention. This is their second one, the first was held last year in June. There was no entrance fee and as the saga fan I had to attend it. While my short visit there few people were in customs, but what surprised me the most was the room full of people listening to the lecture about the audio effects in SW. There were also other lectures like cgi, special effects… I went around booths and they were showing some hand made stuff, books, legos, recreations of the movie scenes, other memorabilia.

Movie scenes recreation

Millenium Falcon

Few more pictures in gallery.