London Film and Comic Con 2014

This year I decided to visit one of the biggest Comic Cons in Europe, the London Film and Comic Con. Purpose of the visit was not to gather signatures and the photos of movie/comic stars, but the see and experience the event.
Tickets have arrived. Luggage packed. Ready to go.

On preview night in Friday there was entrance queue, halls were calm and you could visited the stalls in peace. Saturday was just the opposite. When I arrived (around 9:30) the queues for both the Early Birds and no tickets were wrapped twice around the exhibition hall. Fortunately I found one that moved were quickly and was inside in less than half an hour. Some with no prepaid tickets were not so lucky and had to wait 5 or more hours just to buy the ticket.
Crowd waiting for entrance to the main event hall in Earls Court 2.

Main hall in Saturday was packed.

In front of the Brompton Hall there were four different Transformer cars (two Bumblebees, Optimus Prime and Barricade) on diplay.
Bumblebee and Optimus Prime in front of the event hall.

Cosplayers were every where. Inside and outside the hall and always happy to pose for the pictures.
X-Men group photo.

Cosplay masquerade.

I visited some of the free talks given by the Star Trek, Star Wars and LoTR cast members. Philip talked about his role of many Orcs, the process of getting in and out of the costume. David (Faramir) described how all the scenes in extended version of the movies were shoot after all the movies were already done and shown in cinema.
LoTR talk with David Wenham and Philip Grieve.

In addition to the Transformer cars, two replicas of Batmobils were on display in Brompton Hall. First from the movie released in 1966, the second (with very dusty surface) from the 1989 movie. Way more photos can be seen in gallery.
Batmobile replica from 1966 Batman movie.

Overall I was pleased with the event (various guests, cosplayers, stalls, free talks, cars on display …), but there were many bad things (overcrowding, bad sound system at super stage, strange queue systems for photo shuts, raffle and programme …) that should be corrected for the next events.