Gaia Sky

A nice program for the visualization of the data gathered by the latest astrometric satellite Gaia that was launched by Esa.

I have contributed to the open source program by translating it into Slovenian language, therefore allowing more people to use this program even if they do not understand the English language.


Reproducible Routing Rituals

The Reproducible Routing Rituals (RRR) is a Python and bash shell toolbox that combines many repetitive pre and post-processing tasks that are common to studying the movements of water on and underneath the land surface.

To this open source repository (working with Ashish Mahabal and Cedric David) I have contributed the following features:
– adding geo-referenced background to the water flow graph
– faster graph plotting, achieved by plotting all of the rivers at the same time
– creation of the video from water flow plots at different time epochs

Repository page: