Jupier, Venus conjunction 2015

At the end of the month June the brightest planets Jupiter and Venus have reached their minimum apparent separation of less than half degree (Full Moon diameter).

Conjunction of the planets as seen on 30. june 2015. Image exposition of 5 sec.

A day later, the planets have changed their position in the sky quite noticeably.

Conjunction of the planets as seen on 1. july 2015. Longer exposition that lasted 25 sec.
Unfortunately this is not a very bright meteor, just both planets setting behind a nearby hill. They were barely visible by naked eye, but the long exposure reveals their path between the clouds that were present on the horizon. For this image exposition lasted almost 4 minutes.

Jupiter, Venus conjunction 2014

Object: Jupiter and Venus rising behind the mountains.
Date: 18. August 2014 02:50 UT
Equipment: Nikon D3000, Nikkor 18-55mm@55mm, f/5.6, ISO 800, 20s
Object: Jupiter and Venus later, higher in the sky.
Date: 18. August 2014 03:18 UT
Equipment: Nikon D3000, Nikkor 18-55mm@55mm, f/5.6, ISO 200, 1s
Object: Telescopic view of the conjunction. Two Jovian moons are visible besides the planet.
Date: 18. August 2014 03:16 UT
Equipment: GSO telescope 200/1200 + 2xBarlow, Nikon D3000, ISO 200, 2s

Venus transit

In anticipation of this rare we headed on an higher local hill with a clear view to the east, as the event was already towards the end at the sun rise. We had seven telescopes ready to observe and photograph the transit, but unfortunately the clouds and fog had other plans and blocked our view for the whole time. This was also announced as public observation which brought around 100 people on the place.
It looks like we will have to wait a few years until 2117 for a new opportunity to catch it.

Telescopes with solar filters attached waiting hopelessly for the Sun to appear.