Warmer coat for Larping

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create a warmer coat that can be used for the purpose of the fantasy an medieval LARP events. My plan was to create a warmer and water resistant (not water proof) that can be used for different events or characters. Its design is based on a piece of clothing named gambeson. Historically it was used a stand-alone protective layer or worn under metallic armor.

Fabric used for the creation of this piece:

  • Wool fabric
  • Old bedding fabric used as a filler material
  • Another layer of fabric for lining
  • Assorted sewing materials
  • Buttons

Fabrication process:
1. Cut out all need layers of fabric. In my case I used 4 layers of filling, upper woolen layer and cotton layer as lining. All six layers together form a sturdy and warm clothing.

2. Using parallel seams I quilted all the layers together. This prevents them to move independently. Quilting patter can wary, depending on your preferences.

2a. Optional: Stuff additional fabric between the quilting seams for even more warmer clothing with additional protection.

3. Sew all pieces of the clothing together. Length of the sleeves can wary depending on your preferences. I created shorter sleeves so the piece could also be used in the warmer months. Shorter sleeves also allow for greater flexibility of arms.

4. All outer visible parts of the clothing should have hemmed edges.

5. Add buttons. For this purpose I used 6 metallic buttons with slightly unusual look.

6. Have fun wearing it. Mine was already tested in few events.

Worst winter ever for Slovenian forests

In the beginning of February heavy sleet covered majority of the forest. Freezing cold held almost half of the country in a tight grip for days and caused thousands of the trees to be crushed under the weight of snow and ice. About 40 % of woodlands have been damaged in natural disaster. Damage was not caused only to the woods. Fallen trees disconnected many telephone and power lines, cutting off the electrical supply for entire villages.

In my location, conditions fortunately were not catastrophic. Branches have accumulated less than 2 cm of sleet in contrast to the the worst locations where the accumulated sleet was approximately 10 cm thick. Nevertheless, walking in the woods was scary as you could hear loud sounds of breaking branches all around you.

Sleet on deciduous trees
Sleet on deciduous trees

Sleet on deciduous trees